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Creative strategies for creative minds! Master the kickass writer in you and quiet the parts that are getting in the way.  7 to 10  tools, techniques, treasures (and coffee!) delivered to you every other month. Curated by a professional coach with contributions from authors worldwide. Unbox your writerly life with a box!  Tell me more


How It Works

Bi-monthly Subscription Boxes delivered to your door! 

Step 1

Choose from our recurring options:  A.   Subscription boxes delivered and paid for every two months or  B. Save on a prepaid 6 month subscription (3 boxes)   C. Looking for a one-time gift box for your friend, the writer? Or perhaps a gift box for your whole writing group? You'll find that here

Step 2

We ship at the end of every other month. Shipments go out at the end of June, August, October, December, February, April.  Please know, you are always able to easily unsubscribe. Check out our FAQ page for details and content.

Step 3

Open your box full of treasures and do a happy dance! Share your box opening (and happy dance?) on social media and get extra presents and discounts in the future. Even more fun - in future boxes, there could be personal prizes, because we've got to know you, and watched as you shared discoveries, or announced meeting your writing goal for that month! 

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