Because Writers Deserve to Find Their Best Way...

POSTED May 19th AT 4:30am

Why Writerly Kits?  

Here’s the thing; I'm a life and creativity coach (and author) for creatively-inclined people. Personal coaching makes sense for people whose goals involve life changes, career transitions, managing challenging life events, and improving well being and work/family balance. Coaching really is an extraordinary way for people to find their own best way to live their lives.

BUT*, it can be hard for emerging writers to justify the cost of personal coaching.

“What if I find out I’m not good enough, after all?” they wonder. 

I've coached the lives and projects of many creative people. Over the years, there has been a curious evolution in my coaching practise - more often than not, a client arrives seeking support for one thing, but they soon reveal that they secretly want to write a book. 

I'm passionate about people getting to tell their story. I wondered how more writers could have access to the same process that has resulted in books written and lives lived happier.

The answer? Stuff it all in cool boxes, make it affordable, do-able and fun, toss in a community and support (and chocolate) – and voila, writers finding their best way to live their writerly life!

But still, why writers? I know personally the profound contentment of holding your own published book in your hands. There's that. I also know that no one can tell the story that is in your head. I know that story is more unique than you, as the creator, are able to realize. For you, for your story, and for all who will read it, it deserves to be told. Who knows where it goes for sure... but both you and your writerly dreams are worthy of the time it takes to be written. And it feels damn good holding your written works in your hands. 

ps. You are good enough. And if you ever want to explore personal coaching, let me know.

* Oh my! Did I start a sentence with 'BUT'?  Breaking rules... it's a glorious thing.

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