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POSTED May 19th AT 2:29am

Like magic, this idea for Writerly Kits found its way into my thoughts and it has me so inspired. Imagine!  A subscription box service for writers, emerging writers and wanna be writers!

For the writers, my vision for you...
Your written works matter.  Whether it's a novel telling you its story, a screenplay waiting for its final scene, a chapbook of your inspired poetry, a storybook for children, a memoir, a non-fiction book sharing your expertise... it matters.

It's tricky getting to your writing. There's so much happening in our thoughts to keep us away.  This is our expertise - understanding the creative mind, what can get in the way, and what will motivate and inspire each individual writer to get to their passion more often and more easily.

Writerly Kits is curated to help you to be the bold, brave, kickass, sometimes doubtful, often procrastinating, writer that you areā€¦. but be the one who has all the tools to master the bold, brave and kickass, and who has the techniques to quiet the parts that are getting in the way.

Just by subscribing, you have taken a leap acknowledging that you really are a writer. That, alone, is motivating.  Having a treasure chest of tools, techniques,  treasures, plus access to a community,  will keep you going.

Fun, inspiring... I'm on a mission to see more writers get their damn books done.

Why this? People can justify personal coaching for life changes, and for that I am grateful, but few writers can justify private coaching to get their written works rolling. Yet, in my coaching practise, more often than not, my clients (who arrive for other reasons) reveal a secret wish, a hidden agenda, to write.
On the street, among friends,and posting online, I know of so many people who are haunted to write, but they simply do not get to it. Perhaps you are one of those people. If you and I happened to have a conversation about wanting to write a book, do know that a little piece of me feels sorrow - knowing that without some kind of support, you might not actually get to it.

I know the contentment of completing a book that has haunted me - it's a rare feeling, like it only belongs to those who finish their book. I want writers to feel that feeling.

If this is you, (a person wanting to write/ finish/ share that book) you'll know how much holding a story in your mind takes up so much thought energy.

Not getting to it at all causes so much regret.

And these stories that are not yet told? Our world needs our stories - fiction, memoirs, self-help, poetry, songs, screenplays. Stories are the way we best hear, learn, and process our own thoughts.

And why now?   My blog followers and friends know that I've had a challenging number of years. Not too long ago, I finally finished years of medications - important meds to prevent a recurrence - but that played havoc mentally and physically (and damn it, financially.)  I am delighted to be free of pain, and have my usual thinking energy back. I'm thrilled I can enthusiastically get to the things that have been on hold. This project, Writerly Kits, screams "YAY!" to me.  It allows me to play in all my realms of interests and expertise, and that feels so good. From the imaginative process used for Novel Mind clients, to scheming up exciting themes, to creating content (written, graphic, and even, yes, there's a clay project in the works), to building a community, this box is like 'living the dream' of the unboxed unboxing others with a box!
It's a pretty box, by the way. Just wait until you see what's inside.

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