Seaworthy - Revealing the contents of our first kit!

POSTED June 30th AT 6:32pm

The official 'reveal' of our Seaworthy-themed Writerly Kit!  


Writerly Kit - a stunning engraved birch wood box designed especially for Writerly Kits by Kyle Rankin, and supports Kamloops Makerspace, a local non-profit creative collaborative. (For subscribers, every 4th box will be a birchwood box. Regular, but nice, packaging in between)  This wood box is in it's natural state and becomes a part of your creative adventures: write quotes on it, paint it, stain it, sticker it, make it your own!

Odd Type Writers with Compass Guide full of activities and insights to help writers find their own best way to get to their writing.  This is the key to this kit - just what you need to get rid of all those nagging thoughts getting in the way and find YOUR ways to get to your writing more often! 

Oso Negro organic coffee - freshly brewed  in Nelson BC for us called 'Messy Room.' A subtle hint that you don't need to have your house clean before you write.

Treasures Found Shower Steamer - enhancing the magic of inspiration in the shower. Created for Writerly Kits by Love & Lavender, Pentiction BC

Letter from LIsa Stromme, international author - inspiring us as she shares the highs and lows of the wild seas of a writerly life.

Nautical Talisman - See how many knots you travel in your writing with this hand made porcelain talisman. (Created by your curator who is also a ceramic artist) 

Eco Friendly Pencil - with a challenge to get it as small as our famous tiny pencil and win prizes.

SIPs - an envelope of inspiration and writing triggers to have with your coffee or tea or whenever you feel stuck.

Navigational Mind Map - a treasure map and radiant thinking process that make our minds happy.

Feel like you missed out?  Our plan for the 'Seaworthy' box is to continue the theme as our  one-time gift box, with similar content.  Check it out here

Enjoy our official reveal video with an 11 year old cohort in creativity leading the way!

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