Taking advantage of a Wild Party

POSTED June 11th AT 9:46pm

I'm taking advantage of a wild party my daughter hosted for my granddaughter's birthday as inspiration for Writerly Kits. After all, the first theme of our first writerly kit is "Seaworthy."

Though the box is more about sailing the high seas and less about pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean is the party theme. and here's Captain Jack's sinking ship. 

"But you have heard of me."  A golden retort!

Truth is, we all know of some infamous writers whose writing skills are questionable.

One that comes to mind: Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  The poor writing in this incredibly popular book of the 90's may well have been the key to its success.  One couldn't help but bond with the author's passion for, and belief in, his story if he were that anxious to tell it despite his lack of writing skills. We'd expect more from a best-selling author however, in this strange story, the writing style actually supported its claim of being non-fiction.

There's others. You can name some, I'm sure.

The point is not that you are going to publish a poorly written book. The point is - maybe your inner critic likes the idea of 'being heard of' and it will step aside for a little bit while you write.

That's better than all out stopping you like the inner critic has the power to do, don't you think?

So, go. Write. Be heard of.

(This post is also know as "How to trick your inner critic into letting you keep writing, anyway") 

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