Your story deserves to be told

POSTED May 6th AT 3:04pm

If your story is in your mind in a never-ending loop tape of the exciting "Oh, I could add this twist to the story! " and the less than exciting, "You don't have time. You need to be making money, or, I dunno, doing dishes;"

Or, "This is going to sell!"  and  "Nobody is ever going to want to  read this;"

Or, "This is good. This is so good" and "I can't write worth sh*t;"

Or, "~deep philosophical thoughts~ " and "If it was meant to be done, it would be easier. Give up;"

then you are a writer whose story deserves to be told.

Happy to share tricks and techniques  to help redirect the thoughts, the lack of time, and the fear that keeps getting in the way, and share tools that will help you get to your written works more often. Tools so cool, their value will starting spilling over into your whole life!

Meanwhile, once in awhile, you could just imagine the feeling you have when you are in the flow writing -your writerly self will like that and your inner critic might just get out of the way. The Genie in you, however, adores the magic you are creating.  Of that, you can be sure.

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