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January 2019 Theme Reveal

We'll be playing with time, from time travel, to altering time,
to finding time - in both fiction and real life.
(Imagine shifting reality in 2019
and getting your damn book done.)


November 2018 Kit Reveal!

Hauntings and Heroes

NOTE: As of November 10, there are two of these kits available. 
If you would like to subscribe and get this one as your starter kit, please make a note in the order form!

Arrived on doorsteps just in time for 
Hallowe'en and Nanowrimo

This classy and magical kit arrived at the perfect time of year to make friends with your creative monsters and the book that haunts you.  

What's Included:

Birchwood Writerly Box:  a treasure all on it's own. Designed and crafted by Kyle Rankin at Kamloops Makerspace. Supporting our creative community!

100 Demon Dialogues by Lucy Bellwood: This illustrated book is so inline with our Novel Minds Process - the process that uses your imagination to explore, discover and play with the characters in your head. Your going to love and relate to Lucy's demons so much that I'm sure you'll soon get to love the nasty little naysayers in your mind, plus givemuch more credit to the hero who can get you to your creative process more often and more easily!  Also, the cover of this book is extraordinary: Inspiration for your future covers! 

Author's Letter from  Lucy Bellwood: Such an authentic letter from one writer to another, about her life as a writer. Written from a geranium-studded balcony as she tours with her new book

 Almost Blank Notebook:  During Nanowrimo, or anytime, practise the  technique of Lucy Bellwood. Comes with random quotes. We trust that synchronicitymakes sure the quotes are the right ones for you.

Singing Wands:  Pure magic to clear the way for your writing or your life. Each one unique in it's look and it's sound. Incredibly grateful that the creator, Bip Nelson, want to support our writers in this beautiful way. 

Porcelain Writerly Candle Pot:  Made with love by your curator, who is also a ceramic artist. Our writerly ship, cogs,  damn book done may be found on each one, highlighted with 24 kt fire-on gold. Nothing like lighting a candle to mark the start of a writing session. Comes with silver and gold teacandles.

Raven Keychain: A charming brass keychain with a quote from Alice in Wonderland. A nice reminder that you are a writer, no matter what is going on in your day.

Inky Sisu Editing Tips:  A great collection of tips from professional editor, Leena Niemela,  to keep in mind as you head into your writing, plus what you need to know when it is time to get your book edited.

Wellness Teas:  A collection of organic teas to provide a little balance to all the coffee writers are likely to drink during Nanowrimo! 

Best Damn Licorice Ever:  I was stunned by how delectable Panda All Natural Licorice is! For those who don't love licorice, we recommend it be used as a bribe for beta readers, editors or small children.

Theobroma Chocolate Bar:  Yummy and organic, a treat to celebrate your writing times! Or, you know, maybe the minute you open the kit.

A pen, but of course! From our collection of pens, we hope that the perfect one is the one that landed in your box.

S.I.P.s:  A collection of unique writing tips, triggers, and inspiration to keep you writing, especially handy when one feels stuck.


September 2018 Kit Reveal!

Imagination Gone Wild!

The Theme: Landing on doorsteps now, an  experience that will take your imagination and intuition to a whole new level!  Really, this is a gift for you from your imagination. 

As creative folks, I know you already have a good imagination. You already do think outside the box. But, we do end up creating a new box - it's a weirder shape than the average box  but it, too, can use some wild ways to take it up a notch;  for writing our books, for making it easier to get to our writing, and even more, to enhance all we do in our lives.  

What's included:

Birchwood Kit: Value $40

Writerly Notebook and Planner: Value $44  An unusual twist -  getting to use your imagination to help you get organized and focussed in a way that makes sense to you. Our imagination is everything - including key to making those typically logical left brain functions work better! 

For your planner, we've included:

  1. Birchwood engraved notebook covers, designed by us and created by Kyle Rankin and Kamloops Makerspace.
  2. Dividers with a pocket, an old fashioned library card,and an oldstyle luggage tag.
  3. Sections:
    1. Weekly planner pages
    2. Creativity and imagination builders 
    3. Quality plain paper
    4. Lined paper
    5. Post-it dividers
    6. Art paper
    7. Torn paper (with a purpose!)

Sharpie Fine Art Pens:  Value $5 The best thing Sharpie has made yet, we think!

Alternate Identity Trading Company Cards: Value $12  A collection of wild characters nagged to be included to assist writers as they take their imaginations to a whole new level, or ten.

Character stickers: Value $4  Explore traits, quirks, and even sleeping habits of the characters in your stories, (or even in your novel mind!) Great moveable stickers for your writerly notebook!

Zack's Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans: Value $5   Locally roasted and loved and wow to kicking your imagination in gear! 

Zack's Costa Rica Blend Coffee Beans: Value $4  A favourite in town!

Imagine Calm Lavender:  Value $5  To calm that wild mind when needed. Grown, harvested and created by children who also sprinkled extra magic on top.  

Do Not Disturb Door/computer hanger:  Value $ 6  Fun, isn't it?

Letter from Indie Author, Dennis Staginnus:  Priceless support and encouragement

Letter to and from your imagination: $3

Green Tea packets: $1

Wood Kit total retail value: $129

Kraft Kit total retail value: $89  (1st and 4th kits are wood, 2nd and 3rd  kits arrive in our beautiful kraft manuscript size box, repeating) 

All for subscriber price of $68 (or less if you choose 6 month or yearly subscription options) 

This kit is too precious not to make available for a little longer. Check it out here  


July 2018 Full Reveal!

Item by item reveal, plus a sweet box opening video here.

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