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On your doorstep early September, an  experience that will take your imagination and intuition to a whole new level!  Really, this is a gift for you from your imagination.  (Order by August 18th, limited number available, so maybe sneak in early. Shipped to you the week of August 25 - just in time for a Fall full of writing) 

As creative folks, I know you already have a good imagination. You already do think outside the box. But, we do end up creating a new box - it's a weirder shape than the average box  but it, too, can use some wild ways to take it up a notch;  for writing our books, for making it easier to get to our writing, and even more, to enhance all we do in our lives.  You and your imagination are going to have an extraordinary time together.

 You're going to need the unusual coffee included in this one, and the very original and unusual magical item. 

I'll say no more. 

(Contents won't be posted until subscribers have their chance to explore their writerly kit. Don't we all just love surprises? )

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