Writerly Kits Yearly Prepay Option

Writerly Kits Yearly Prepay Option

The Yearly Prepay Option offers the best savings and convenience. Just watch that damn book get done! Six bi-monthly deliveries with an artisan crafted wooden writer's kit delivered on the 1st and 4th deliveries. Regular, but nice, boxes for other months, with random surprises mailed occasionally, because we are fun like that. Ongoing access to Writerly Kits community included!

What's inside? You can learn more about that on the FAQ page, too! Current theme is here.

Have a peek at past box content here

Shipping is added at the checkout. See FAQ for fees per shipment. As we grow, we look forward to passing on even more shipping savings to you.

Please note: Shipping fees are added at checkout to cover your yearly shipment. A reduced rate total of $54 CDN in Canada, or $84 CDN Internationally, will cover your yearly shipments plus occasional mailings in between.

Note: Subcription boxes are an ongoing recurring service for your convenience (and for your writerly inspiration!) Please know you are able to unsubscribe easily at any time. More info here: FAQ

Shipped: Bi-Monthly


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