Best Damn Writer's Group Ever
$ 105.00
Inspiring treasures will include:

~ Our signature birchwood Writerly Kit.

~ The book, Odd Type Writers by Celia Blue Johnson and The Compass Guidebook by Writerly Kits: 

At your get together, read an entertaining short story about the quirks of well known authors and play with matching activities in the guidebook. Each of you will discover your unique best ways to get to your writing more often. Great discussion activities, and ideal for getting rid of the 'shoulds' and 'must do's' that can often interfere with the creative process in group settings.

~ How to be the Best Damn Writing Group Ever:  Your writer's group will be such a safe, fun and productive experience for all that you'll want to meet even more often. Janet's education and experience as a community builder (and honoured by awards) are tucked into this one!

~ 5 writerly tools and treasures, individually gift wrapped.

~ Quality coffee and munchy treats

~ A collection of writing triggers, games and challenges to play with throughout your meeting year.

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