Writerly Kit - 6 month option
$ 165.00
Your writerly kit content, carefully curated to support breakthroughs in your confidence and writerly life, will arrive in our hand stamped kraft cardboard box every two months. This box is perfect for keeping your writing tools, prompts, and notebooks handy, or for storing your manuscripts. At the checkout, there is an option to add on our stunning birchwood writer's kit as a one-time purchase. 

Your themed kit will be billed and delivered every six months recurring. (billing on the 5th of that month) Kits are shipped during the first week of delivery month.

Please Note:  
  • Shipping and tax is added at the checkout. As we grow and are able to access better rates, we will pass on shipping savings to you. Please see FAQ for details on these items
  • Kits often sell out. Order by the 8th of the month prior to shipping month to ensure the kit is available.
  • Subscriptions are an ongoing recurring service for your convenience (and your writerly inspiration!)
  • We've made it easy to unsubscribe at any time.

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