What's Inside & FAQ

What is Writerly Kits?

Writerly Kits is a Canadian bi-monthly subscription box curated to support writers to live their creative dreams.  We provide unique techniques, tools, treasures plus access to a Writerly Kits community, that will result in more writers writing and more projects published. Like all subscription box services, the element of surprise is a key element of this gift you are giving yourself.  Everyone will get to see exactly what each box contains only after subscribers have received their boxes.

This gives you an idea of what to expect:  
  • Content with fun and fantastical themes.
  • An artisan crafted wooden box with your first order, perfect for storing your writing tools, notes, manuscripts. 
  • A creative process technique /activity based on the original content of Novel Minds Coaching signature process. 
  • An author's story with their favourite writing and publishing tips.
  • 1 - 2 writers tools.
  • S.I.P.s - surprise inspirations to have with your coffee or tea. 
  • Only the best coffee, tea, and/or treat. (No chocolate in summer months, but wait til you see what's in store for Fall!)
  • Prize worthy challenges to encourage your creative thinking, imagination, focus, and to support  meeting your writing goals (We have a "laughably do-able" philosophy, so don't run away when you read 'meet your writing goals.')
  • A self-care item (such as organic essential oil product and lotions)
  • Access to our intimate community of Writerly Kits writers, where we can share discoveries, create buddy writing events, enjoy guided visualizations created just for you, and feel connected in this sometimes isolating world of being a writer.

You can find our subscription products on our Home page.
Our one-time gift option is here.

How much does the box cost?

The bi-monthly box costs  $68 CDN + shipping,  with discounts for prepaid 6 month and 12 month subscriptions.   The subscription box fees automatically renew for your convenience, but subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Gift boxes are a one-time cost of $68 CDN + shipping.


Shipping in Canada is $12 CDN . Shipping internationally is $16 CDN. For international orders, you are responsible for your country's custom and duty taxes. You can usually find the rates by searching 'customs and duty calculator _your country_'.  

As Writerly Kits grows, we will pass on even more savings in shipping to you, the writers.

When do the boxes ship?

Recurring subscription boxes: These boxes ship by the 25th of each bi-monthly date. You have until the 18th of that month to place an order.

Example:  July boxes are mailed out the end of June. September boxes are mailed out the end of August. 
A little bonus: If, for example,  you sign up in July, you will receive a little something in the mail in July  to tide you over while you wait for the September box.

Specialty One-Time only Gift Boxes: The very first shipment will be mailed by June 25th. After that boxes will be mailed out within a week of ordering.

How do I cancel or unsubscribe?

It’s simple. Go to LOGIN, click "MANAGE"  and choose “CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION”. 

If I cancel my subscription will my account be refunded?

No, canceling your subscription stops any future payments from being made. You will receive any box you already paid for. Unsubscribing before your recurring billing date will keep the following month’s box from being shipped.

What are your Billing Policies?

Subscriptions are recurring.

Bi-monthly subscription:  You will be billed bi-monthly on the day of month you originally subscribed. If you subscribed on June 7th, your next billing date will be August 7th. 

Six month recurring subscription:  You will be billed in six months on the same day of month that you originally subscribed. Example: Original date is June 7, next billing will be November 7. 

Yearly recurring subscription: You will be billed in a year on the same day of the month that you originally subscribed.  Example: Original date is June 7, next billing will be June 7 the following year. 

Specialty One-time Gift Boxes: Upon payment, the very first shipment will be mailed by June 25th. After that boxes will be mailed out within a week of ordering.


The element of surprise is a key part of your subscription box. If an item isn't exactly suited to you, please consider re-gifting. 

If there is damage or missing items in your box, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to resolve the problem.

Questions we didn't answer? 

Contact Us at   janet@writerlykits.com

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